This is a website listing all the distributed Orisi oracles. (what?)

List of default/suggested nodes:
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A direct link to the signed list: Please use that list, and verify it with our public key ( gpg: 2FB7B452 ).
- Orisi homepage
- the whitepaper
- github repo - run your own node or create a transaction
- irc channel: #orisi at Freenode
- contact

Currently running nodes:

(The testserver nodes are three nodes running on our servers. They should be relatively stable, so feel free playing around with them)
public keyownerkindfee (mBTC)
02e8e22190b0adfefd0962c6332e74ab68831d56d0bfc2b01b32beccd56e3ef6f0Test Server node 1timelock0.03
03a9bd3bfbd9f9b1719d3ecad8658796dc5e778177d77145b5c37247eb30608618Test Server node 2timelock0.03
02653placeholdr00e75a3418d2160bac18f8291a8760d452ccad8bd0f3ff1158afTest Server node 3timelock0.03
The node owners offer no service quality guarantees. They will do their best to keep impartial and secure, but that's it. Report new nodes here:
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